The Black Helocopters


White privilege is writing a book where the princess is ‘pearl’ white and the villain ‘coal’ black, just like always, and then erasing the voices of women of color who raise concern by deleting their comments from your Facebook page. Silencing oppressed voices is not combatting racism, it’s encouraging it.

Mod note: A little context here - Victoria Foyt made two facebook posts yesterday in which she insisted her books were not only TOTES NOT RACIST, but they were actually racially positive because they featured an interracial couple: a Pearl named Eden falls for a Coal named Jamal.

A Peal named Eden, a Coal named Jamal.

A Coal named Jamal.


Then, she started deleting comments that told her what a racist shit stain she was being. Read up on the book’s high level of bullshit in my feature on The Black Kids Table.



White privilege is being able to silence me by calling me “oversensitive.” It is being able to call affirmative action “reverse racism” and not listen to any POC trying to prove to you otherwise.

It is not having to spend hours googling and being asked to pull up “credible” sources for your arguments, because obviously, racism doesn’t happen anymore, and reverse racism does.

White Privilege is calling my sources “biased” and “uncredible” because they are not written by a fucking white person. White Privilege is spewing bullshit, spewing any kind of facts lies you want and having your word taken over mine or any other POCs no matter how many facts and statistics and articles we pull up.

White privilege is feeling accomplished and smart after a debate such as this because your ignorant words are actually listened to by the masses, and you feel as though you exerted some real thought and brain power to make people pay attention when it was just because of your heritage.



white privilege is not having people say you’re neighborhood is nice, despite being all white.


White privilege is…

Being able to be surprised that people don’t buy your “white women represent all women” ideas. We all know the reality is that you are fine leaving us out as long as you got yours.

Why do these conversations always go like this?

White fans: Oh, there aren’t enough women…



White privileges is…

Being able to acknowledge racial differences when its on your terms and at our expense.  

You can throw parties about PoC (conveniently with none invited) and claim your just “honoring” us.  Meanwhile black student unions are being attacked for being “reverse racist”.  

You can post videos about us (in blackface or with stereotypical Asian “accents”) and have it be “just a joke”, but blogs run by PoC are hit with insults and slurs.

You can even wear tee-shirts acknowledging slavery while demanding we apologize for rap. Meanwhile talking about the effects of slavery is met with accusations of reverse racism and “unfairness”.

You can claim that racism now is somehow worse for white people than it ever was for any black person in world history just because we have one black president, yet we’re pulling the race card when someone mentions what presidents supported genocide against indigenous people.

But in society we’re the “divisive” ones for talking about how that crap affects us.  



White privilege is not having to worry about people saying that you’re “acting white” because you speak proper english, and not having people try and strip you of your ethnicity based solely on the way that you speak and act.



White privilege is organizing the annual Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) seminars and seeing the need for a “womyn-only safe space”, a “bisexual-only safe space”, but not allowing a “queer POC safe space” because you are afraid it will be too alienating.



White privilege is not being excited to see an animated movie where someone of colour plays THE lead not just a major character. This also applies to fantasy and scifi films and novels.



White privilege is never even having to think about race. 

Submission from Rikunoyume.



White privilege is being able embrace black culture without getting murdered for it.